After Fieldwork on Kea…

…my friend Michael and I took a few days to walk around Athens and visit some familiar places one more time. Here are some of my favourite things from the National Archaeological Museum of Athens:

A bronze statue of the emperor Augustus (29 BC – AD 14)

Statue of Julia Aquila Severa; the face of the statue was damaged due to a building collapse in the 3rd century CE

And this Geometric Period amphora, with a depiction of a funerary procession

We also visited the museum of Cycladic Art and saw lots of folded-arm figurines or FAFs. There have a very distinct look. They are most commonly found in graves, so they may have been funerary figurines accompanying the dead. Some of the FAFs show signs of paint and repair, indicating their high value. They are my favourite!

Folded-arm Figurines from the Museum of Cycladic Art, Athens

There at the museum I also found out how my name would be written in Cypro-Syllabic script.


Then Michael and I took a bus to Delphi, famous for being the seat of the oracle Pythia.

On the bus to Delphi!

Delphi is a beautiful sight and I highly recommend you visit. The Delphi museum has the bronze statue of the Charioteer, which survival to our modern times is a fantastic miracle! (Ancient bronze statues are rare, as the metal can be reused.)

Here are some more sights from Delphi:

Theatre at Delphi
Temple of Apollo ❤
Tholos of Delphi at the Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia

And that was the end of my field trip to Greece. I was a fantastic adventure that solidified my interests in archaeology, gave me invaluable laboratory skills, and showed me Greece like I never knew before! I will forever cherish the memories of this time, and I cannot wait to get back one day!

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