Anastasia Temkina

At the Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens, Greece

I am a Biological Anthropology student, currently studying for my Master’s degree at the University of South Florida, Tampa.

My interests include Bioarchaeology, diet reconstruction, stable isotope analysis, and paleopathology. My Master’s thesis explores diet changes at two Northern Italian sites during the transitional period between the Late Roman and Early Medieval times. Work in progress. 

I completed my undergraduate degree in Archaeology and Anthropology with a minor in Classical Studies at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2019. I also received my Bachelor’s in Library and Information Science at St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts (Russia) in 2015.

Outside of schoolwork, I work as a Student Assistant at the USF Special Collections and volunteer at the USF Forensic Facility for Outdoor Research & Training. 

Recent posts:

After Fieldwork on Kea…

…my friend Michael and I took a few days to walk around Athens and visit some familiar places one more time. Here are some of my favourite things from the National Archaeological Museum of Athens: A bronze statue of the emperor Augustus (29 BC – AD 14) Statue of Julia Aquila Severa; the face of…

First Field Experience, pt. 2

After our mainland tour, the next five weeks we spend on Kea. Kea is a rather small island, but it has several archaeological sites and interesting places to visit. We lived in Korissia, at Maria’s, and worked at Apotheke. The lab work included measuring the ceramic finds that were picked up during the survey, estimating…

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